Origins is a recurring new music feature that asks artists to give listeners a look into the inspirations behind their latest musical creation. Today, Little Boots gives us insight into her new single, “Secret”.

Little Boots will soon return to the dancefloor with her new EP, Jump. Due out August 2nd via Little Boots’ own On Repeat Records, the effort was produced by American disco-house legend Cyril Hahn.

Picking up where last year’s Burn left off, the forthcoming release finds the English singer-songwriter heading even further back into the club. It goes even deeper than that, though, as the EP chronicles Little Boots’ relocation to her new Los Angeles home and charts her globe-trotting adventures as a DJ.

That much is already apparent on the EP’s lush and vibrant first single “Secret”, which was produced by Jordan Reyes. It’s a throbbing track loaded with all the sensual mystery its title suggests it should have. Take a listen below.

When you’ve dried yourself off from all that dancing, take a look at Little Boots’ Origins of “Secret” below.

Kylie Minogue:

“Secret” was a track that came together very quickly. I wrote it in a day with producer Jordan Reyes, who had this amazing bass line that felt so catchy and immediately reminded me of Kylie’s “Slow”, but taken into the club. I wanted to follow that kind of minimalist approach to a pop song, really keeping it focused on the baseline and allowing the song to breathe, focusing on a couple of key hooks.

Female Producers:

The feel of the track and the EP in general was inspired by my recent DJ sets and so many great female/femme producer DJs and artists I’ve been listening to lately, like Yaeji, The Black Madonna, Peggy Gou and acts like Smerz. I wanted to play around with different vocal textures, not just singing but also speaking, whispering and pitching my vocals down.

Dating In Los Angeles: