The Pitch: Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) is back and up to her old tricks! Five years after the events of the movie, Veronica’s settled in and made a new life for herself in Neptune. She’s working with her dad, living with Logan (Jason Dohring), and as the season’s cold open firmly establishes, she still knows her way around a locked door and a listening device.

But those skills are put to the test when a bomb at a seaside motel takes out a unique mix of libertine Spring Breakers and the exasperated people who serve them. The explosion’s victims include a standard party girl and a humble hotel owner, a lecherous douchebro and a nerd with dangerous family ties, as well as a true crime-loving pizza delivery man and the younger brother of a US congressman. From there, the season spins out its clues, connections, and potential motives with more than enough possibilities to fuel its central mystery.

With so much dust in the air, the congressman and his family hire Mars Investigations to uncover what really happened. Along the way, the new season offers the sorts of twists and turns, both personal and professional, that the show’s cadre of “Marshmallows” have come to expect.

Embrace the Mystery: How satisfying you find the answers to season four’s big questions will depend on how much you liked the series’ past grand reveals. It takes no small amount of convenience and contrivance to make everything fit together, and the show retains its propensity to have culprits talk like Bond villains once their evil plan has come to fruition. The solution to the season’s major mystery works well enough, but will still leave viewers scratching their heads a bit.